IMG_0356 Learn to cook straightforward, mouth-watering, nutritional food – and then eat it!

My courses are very relaxed, as much for socialising as cooking.
and eating, of course – whatever we make during the course, we eat and enjoy at the end.

  •  they will tend to have 6 -10 people so we can be really flexible, and very sociable
  •  usually with a specific theme and aimed at addressing a particular condition or problem

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What happens on a Love Food Cooking Course

Obviously it will depend on what we’re cooking, but this is pretty much how it will go.

You’ll arrive about 10.30 at Love Food’s Kitchen in Marlborough, for tea, coffee and delicious healthy snacks before we start.

The course will start at 11am and will cover meals and snacks, and sometimes energy drinks.
Useful tips will include:

  • where the food comes from
  • its nutritional value
  • how to cook it
  • equipment you’ll need

Lunch will be at about 1pm, when we’ll enjoy the fruits of our labours.
Finishing about 2pm, you’ll go away with recipe cards for what we’ve cooked that day.

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Cost of Love Food Cooking Courses

All courses now cost £45, as costs rise so do our course fees.
Please contact Lucinda for information about what and when courses will run.